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ApplyChoices connects international students
and recruitment partners to educational
opportunities at institutions around the world.

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Students are provided with the platform to coordinatee and apply to programs in multiple universities that line up with their experience, aptitudes, and interests.

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Partner Schools

Expand your strength by captivating qualified students matching prescribed criteria from nations around the globe.

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Recruitment Partners

Providing students with the most prominent opportunity for progress with access to the top 1,200+ institutions.

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About Us

ApplyChoices is a global online meeting point for students and schools around the globe. Here, imminent students can rapidly and effectively find applicable data regarding their choice to study abroad , while schools and higher education foundations can market themselves successfully to the right audience. We make the process of finding a suitable university, the application process, and the recruitment process easy and simple to gather international students and academic institutions at one platform. We are committed to helping students to succeed in their careers and take customer’s feedback to help us innovate and improve.

  • We help everyone in the world to locate their future instruction program at the right institution.
  • We inspire and enable the young generation to investigate their interests and become leaders.
  • We are an information hub that brings prospective students and universities together for an ideal fit.


Pursue Your Dream
of Studying Abroad

Utilizing the ApplyChoices Platform, students find their prescribed programs and apply them to learn at institutions that best meet their experience and criteria. ApplyChoices provides step by step guidance through its intelligent network eradicating every hurdle which students face from finding the best university, going through the application process to the final step of visa approval, and beginning their excursion abroad.

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Reach Diverse and
Qualified Students

Having worked with ApplyChoices, partner schools attract the bulk of potential students and recruit them through its vast network spread around the globe. Using ApplyChoices Portfolio the respective universities audit all applications of students before accommodation, guaranteeing that students are qualified and that applications align with the school's rules.

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Pursue Your Dream
of Studying Abroad

ApplyChoices has many agents and recruitment partners which allow bridge between students and universities to make the application process simple to understand for students. Recruitment partners around the world are seeking new choices to improve access to education through the ApplyChoices platform.

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